How to Become a Video Game Tester

The job of a game tester may seem like a dream job, but it involves more than just sitting down and playing computer or video games. A person who works as a game tester does play games, but they are doing so to find problems with the product before it is shipped out to stores.

The tester is working through the various levels of the games they work with. They need to be on the lookout for issues in the details of the game, including vehicles that move through each other instead of stopping when a collision is supposed to occur, or problems with sound cutting in and out.The game tester is also keeping track of whether the next game levels are loading quickly when a player has finished the previous one.

Game Tester Testing Mobile Video Game

In some cases, the problem with a particular game involves the progress of the game itself. The tester needs to make note of parts of the game that aren’t challenging enough or that are too difficult for players. They are also on the lookout for parts of the game that don’t make sense as they check it out.

One aspect of game testing jobs entails reporting on problematic issues they find in the game. They must provide the programmers with details indicating exactly where the problem occurred and the steps that led up to the issue. The programmer needs to be able to duplicate the issue before he or she can make adjustments to the code to fix the problem.

The game tester may be asked to focus on one portion of the game only in order to test it thoroughly. This may involve playing on the same level numerous times. To be successful in this type of work, an eye for detail and a certain level of patience are required.

Being able to clearly articulate what the issues with the computer or video games are is another important skill for would-be game testers. The game tester will be required to write bug reports that are clear and concise. They can also make suggestions from the point of view of the end user to help improve the product.

A game tester doesn’t necessarily need to have formal QA training, but they do need to have a lot of experience at playing games. To test the games at higher levels, the tester needs to have the coordination and manual dexterity to reach them and then play the game successfully.

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