Guide to Finding Video Game Careers

Computer and video games are a popular way for people to spend their leisure time. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), 68 percent of household in the United States are home to people who enjoy playing either video or computer games. This growing industry isn’t confined merely to producing entertainment products, though.

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How we learn and work is also being influenced by computer and video games. The traditional way of learning, which involved memorizing information and then being able to repeat it on a written test, demonstrates how well a student can remember the subject being studied but it doesn’t help them develop analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Games can be used to supplement other types of presenting lessons in the classroom, and the benefit to students is that they are able to digest the information in an enjoyable manner. Putting an element of fun into the classroom is not being silly. It helps to keep the students engaged and focused on what the teacher is trying to convey.

The idea of making learning enjoyable also has applications in the workplace. Computer and video games now have a place in the recruiting process, and the military has found this strategy to be an effective one to attract people interested in a career serving their country.

Once a person has been hired, computer games are being used as a training tool. The results of a survey conducted by the ESA found that 70 percent of large corporations are using this technology as part of their training process. Of those companies, 75 percent plan to expand their use of computer games as a training tool within the next five years.

Video and Computer Game Industry Jobs

What does this mean to a person interested in working in the computer and video game industry? It means there are many, many job opportunities for individuals with the skills and education needed to produce games for different applications. Not only are jobs available for people interested in developing the games themselves, but good jobs exist for people who want to focus on sales, marketing or administrative duties for game companies.

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Where the Computer and Video Games Are

If you are considering the computer and video game industry as a career option, most of the jobs are available in companies located in these states:

  • California
  • Washington
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Massachusetts

Most of the jobs in the computer and video games industry are in California.

Employers in that state are responsible for creating approximately 40 percent of all jobs in the industry. Computer and video game companies add more than a billion dollars to that state’s economy annually.

Not all jobs in this industry are located in California, however. Candidates living in or interested in relocating to Virginia may be pleasantly surprised at the number of jobs available. That state saw industry employment opportunities increase by a whopping 550 percent in one recent year. New Jersey is another location that is seeing steady growth in jobs in this industry. 

This website will provide you with the information you need to decide where you would be the best fit in this growing industry. You can discover the following:

  • Job descriptions
  • Education and training programs
  • Employer profiles
  • Career resources to help you land a job in the industry
  • Job hunting tips

Find a Great Job in the Computer and Video Game Industry

We also offer a job board where you can check out job opportunities in this growing industry that employs approximately 52,000 people in the United States alone. With an average annual salary of approximately $87,000 per year and more jobs being added each year, you should definitely be looking at computer and video games jobs when you are choosing a career.

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