How to Get Work in the Video Game Industry

If you are interested in working in the video game industry, some of the strategies you will use to find a job are the same as with other types of work.

First, you need to prepare a resume that tells a prospective employer about your education and experience.

Many people who are drawn to the gaming industry have been playing for years and have a real passion for this form of entertainment.

Female Video Game Playing Apex Legend Video Game

Networking is a great strategy to use when you are trying to get a job in the computer and video game industry. When you are taking courses at a trade school, college or university to prepare you for your career, take advantage of any opportunities that come up to learn about employers and available job opportunities.

If companies are holding recruiting sessions on campus, make a point of attending, even if you aren’t sure that the employer is a good fit for you. Your instructors may be able to steer you in the right direction when you are looking for job leads. Offer to share what you find with your classmates if they will do the same for you. A lead that you find that you aren’t interested in may be something that is exactly what one of your fellow students is looking for.

Online Resources for Computer and Video Game Job Seekers

There are online resources that can help you find jobs in the computer and video game industry as well. is a job search engine with listings of current available positions. Visitors to the site can register for a free account. Once the account is open, they can upload a resume and cover letter. Account holders can also store job postings they have applied to, which makes managing their job search easier.

Job seekers also have the option of posting a resume anonymously. Potential employers can contact them to directly to discuss job openings they have available. Site visitors also have the option of searching for jobs by keyword, location, or by job type.

  • is another website listing opportunities in the industry. It offers fewer features than Jobseekers can search for work by job category (Art, Programming, Producer, Design, Marketing, etc.). When a prospective employee finds a listing they are interested in, they simply need to click on the link to see a detailed job description and find out how to apply for the position.
  • has listings for jobs in the computer and video games industry. Search for opportunities by industry, location (in the United States or foreign countries), or job type. Registered account holders can upload a resume, samples, or a demo reel to present to prospective employers. They can keep track of which jobs they have applied for through the site as well.
  • offers an extensive selection of jobs in the video game industry. Not only can candidates browse through openings from a number of leading employers in the industry, but they can also see employer profiles so they can learn something about the company before deciding to apply for a position there.
  • is another resource available to people who are looking for jobs in the computer and video game industry. Candidates can specify whether they are looking for a job in video game or entertainment software, animation, television or film. This job board allows visitors to specify what location (country, state or province) they would like to target, as well as specific job titles they are interested in.
  • GamesRecruit is a job board featuring jobs from all over the world. A free newsletter is offered through the site, and people looking for work can sign up to receive e-mail notification when a job that matches their specifications becomes available.
  • InteractiveSelection is a site with a wealth of information for job seekers. It includes a job board where candidates can specify the region where they would like to work, as well as job search and interview preparation tips.

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