Audio Production Degrees & Certificates

People who want to work in the computer and video games industry with a professional focus on adding sound and music to the product need to have a background in how music and computers can be combined to create sound effects and soundtracks.

Completing an Associate’s degree in Music Audio Production provides the credentials needed for entry-level positions.

Many employers prefer to hire candidates who hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, and people who want to qualify for higher-paying positions are encouraged to continue their education to get this designation.

Audio Production Degree Programs Highlighted on VideoGameJobFinder:

Associate’s Degree in Music Audio Production

This program is designed to provide students with basic skills required to work in a recording studio. They learn about the equipment and techniques used in that environment. Some programs have a vocal or instrumental music component, as well.

A person who chooses to enroll in a Music Audio Production program will take courses in film and sound design, digital audio fundamentals and songwriting. They also delve into topics like home studio production.

Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology

The undergraduate program in Music Technology is designed for students who have a degree of talent in this area, as well as those who are more interested in the technical aspects of music.

At this level of study, students take hands-on courses in analog and digital recording systems. They also have the opportunity to develop their appreciation of music by learning about the history of this form of expression.

A number of schools admit students to this program through the Music Department. Applicants must demonstrate their abilities in this area by auditioning or demonstrating that they can read music. The process may also include testing for the applicant to show that they have the ear training necessary to succeed in the program.

A student who chooses to major in Music Technology can expect to take courses in recording technology, studio maintenance, and musical acoustics. They also study soundtrack composition, musical special effects and computer music synthesis.

Master’s Degree in Music Technology

The Master’s program in Music Technology allows students to build on the foundation of knowledge they learned as undergraduate students. Studying at this level may be attractive to some students because may programs include an internship as opposed to students writing a thesis. This allows them to make important contacts that can help them in their professional life after graduation.

To be considered for the Master’s program in Music Technology, an applicant must have completed the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree, either in this area of study or a related one. They must also be able to demonstrate that they have the required level of achievement in music before they will be allowed to enroll in the program by producing a portfolio of work. Master’s degree students take courses in composing with computers, the physics of sound, and multimedia sound design.


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