Computer Programming Degrees

Completing a degree program in computer programming is a good choice for a person with good logical thinking and problem-solving skills. People who do well in this program are talented problem-solvers. An aptitude for mathematics and working with electronics will also help an individual achieve success as a computer programmer.

People who choose to study computer programming get the education they need to work as systems programmers and applications programmers.

A systems programmer works on new or existing operating systems, such as Windows or Mac OS X. He or she must also have a good understanding of how the components of a computer system work together in order to analyze how well the network and the CPU are responding to the demands being made on them.

Applications programmers focus their attention on creating programs designed to accomplish a particular task. They may also upgrade existing programs to add new features. The person who chooses this type of work may find employment with a large software company, a business focusing on specific applications or on a freelance basis.

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Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming

People interested in completing the requirements for an Associate’s degree in Computer Programming can get more information from their local community college. These types of programs are also available online. While studying computer programming at this level may qualify an individual for entry-level opportunities, to be considered for higher-level positions, a Bachelor’s degree may be required.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Programming

Most of the people working in the computer programming field hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Most students who are enrolled in this program take four years to complete the requirements for completing it and take a combination of liberal arts and programming language courses.

The first two years of the program include courses in English, science, mathematics and social studies. During the final two years of the program, courses focus on computer programming. Examples of the types of courses a student would take are:

  • Data Networks
  • Database Systems
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • File Structures
  • Principles of Programming Languages
  • Theory of Operating Systems

A graduate of a computer science degree program will have a good foundation in a number of programming languages. HTML, Java and C++ will be covered in the course material. They also develop an understanding of mainframes, databases, networks and personal computers.

Master’s Degree in Computer Programming

A graduate of a Master’s degree program in Computer Programming is qualified to take on more challenging projects or jobs where they would be working in a supervisory role. They may be hired to work on large projects involving several computer programmers collaborating together. A person who enrolls in a Master’s program can customize their studies to focus on their particular interests. Courses will include more programming languages and the Master’s degree student will also have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of languages they are already familiar with.

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