Creative Writing Degrees

Choosing to study Creative Writing at the post-secondary level is not only for those who are interested in writing novels. This program prepares students for a number of different specialties within the writing field. A graduate from a Creative Writing degree program may find work in the following fields:

  • Content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Grant writing
  • Speech writing
  • Technical writing

Graduates from this degree program may also choose to develop information products for sale online. The Internet has opened up many opportunities for writers to work on articles, landing pages, sales letters, ebooks and reports. Some writers working online make a living as bloggers, either for their own site or working for corporate clients.

Creative Writing Degree Programs Highlighted on VideoGameJobFinder:

Associate’s Degree in Creative Writing

An Associate of Arts program in Creative Writing gives students an overview of different types of writing. They also get the opportunity to develop their skills in expressing themselves in written form. Some schools focus on specific genres, such as fiction, poetry, or scientific writing,  while others offer a more general program. Examples of the types of courses a student would take include:

  • Creative Writing
  • English Composition
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics
  • Public Speaking
  • United States Government
  • United States History

Some graduates go straight into the workplace, while others continue their studies by enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree program.

Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing

The Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing exposes students to the work of respected writers, as well as giving students the opportunity to improve their own abilities. They learn how to critique different forms of writing by examining poems, short stories, screenplays and more. A student enrolled in this program would take courses similar to the following:

  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Shakespeare’s History and Tragedies
  • Screenwriting
  • Technical Writing

Master’s Degree in Creative Writing

A student in a Master’s degree program in Creative Writing continues to develop their abilities while concentrating their studies in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction or Poetry. Some programs offer publishing internships or teaching practicums to students. Both of these options give the participants the opportunity to gain experience outside of their classroom studies.

Courses that a Master’s student would take include the following:

  • Fiction Writing
  • Literary Journalism
  • Novel Writing
  • Travel Literature
  • Writing Poetry
  • Writing Reviews

Career Opportunities in the Computer and Video Games Industry

Graduates from a writing program who are interested in working in the computer and video games field can find work developing story lines for games. Before the team members can get to work bringing a game to life, someone needs to develop a general concept for the game and the types of challenges the characters will face. Once the general idea has been developed, the writer goes on to fill in the blanks to flesh out the story. The graphic artists and other team members work in conjunction with the writer to bring the story to life so that players can experience what the writer visualized.


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