Video Game Design Degree Programs

There are good reasons to study game design at the post-secondary level. Contrary to what some people may think, this program isn’t about students paying tuition for the privilege of sitting around playing computer and video games. Part of the program may involve interacting with games, but the students are expected to analyze selected aspects of the experience and write an essay about it. This type of critical thinking is part of the experience of going to university, no matter what the area of study is.

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A person who is considering majoring in Game Design at the post-secondary level should take the time to do their homework to make sure that the program covers aspects of art, design and programming.

The curriculum for a degree program in Computer Programming may include some courses in gaming, but this choice is not going to give a student who already knows they want to focus on the computer and video game industry in his or her career the specialized knowledge they will need to impress an employer.

Rather than find a program that is more vocational in nature, a person considering majoring in Game Design should consider a school offering a liberal arts foundation before moving on to courses that are more specialized.

A person who knows they love computer and video games and wants to work in the field but who lacks a background in art can get the foundation they need by taking some courses early in their university career. Taking English is also a good idea, since being able to write clearly is an advantage for anyone working in this industry.

Some programs have an student internship component, as well as classroom study. The combination of a good education and some practical experience will make the graduate more attractive to potential employers. Spending some time doing an internship also gives the student the chance to start to develop a network of people who can help him or her find work after graduation.

Prospective Game Design students should also find out what type of equipment they will be using while attending university. A school offering state-of-the-art equipment and software for students to work with is also one worth considering.


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