South Carolina Upstate Bachelor’s in Computer Science

The University of South Carolina Upstate is a relatively new school. It first opened its doors in 1967 as a training center for nurses. By 1975, the school had achieved four-year university status. Graduate degrees were added starting in 1994. The University of South Carolina Upstate has approximately 5,400 students enrolled in liberal arts, sciences, education, nursing and business administration programs.

Computer Science students at the University of South Carolina are well prepared for careers in a variety of employment situations, as well as graduate programs. The curriculum is designed to give students a good foundation in business administration principles, as well as to help them develop their communication skills. Courses in accounting, business information systems, and English are required.


Computer Science students take courses in assembler language programming, computer science courses and one additional computer language. Mathematics is another requirement, and students take calculus and statistics as part of their studies. Examples of courses in this Computer Science program are as follows:

  • C++ Programming
  • Computer Organization
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Security
  • Database System Design
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • E-Business Web Application Development
  • Fundamentals of Bioinformatics
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Language Structures
  • Software Engineering
  • Visual BASIC Programming

Computer Science majors also take courses in communication, natural science, humanities, history, foreign languages, and social sciences.

Applying to the University of South Carolina Upstate

The University of South Carolina Upstate Admissions Department makes decisions about freshman applications based on SAT or ACT scores and high school courses taken. An applicant who is 22 years of age or older is not required to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission. They are required to submit proof of their ability to be successful in post-secondary studies.

The University requires that freshman applicants have completed the following categories of courses in high school:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry are required)
  • Three units of Laboratory Science
  • Three units of Social Sciences
  • Two units of a Foreign Language
  • Four Electives
  • One unit of Physical Education

The school accepts online applications for admission. There are not set deadlines for submitting an application, since USC Upstate accepts forms on a rolling basis. Early applications are suggested, though.

All freshman applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarships. An applicant with an SAT score of 1100 or higher, a GPA of 3.25 or above and who ranked in the top 10 percent of his or her class may be awarded an academic scholarship. Department and athletic scholarships may also be awarded to incoming students.


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