St. Louis Community College Associate of Arts in Communication Arts

St. Louis Community College welcomed its first students in 1967. The school has an enrollment of approximately 26,000 students who attend classes on four campuses. St. Louis Community College offers a number of two-year programs and is known for the quality of its health care courses, including:

  • Clinical Laboratory Technology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Respiratory Therapy and Polysomnography

Associate of Arts – Creative Writing

The Associate of Arts in Communication Arts is designed to prepare students for further study toward a Bachelor’s degree. The College offers several areas of concentration to students. Prospective students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to ensure that the one they choose will help them meet their academic and career goals. The areas of concentration available in a Communication Arts program are as follows:

  • Advertising/public relations,
  • Broadcasting
  • Creative writing
  • Film
  • Foreign language
  • Journalism Literature
  • Multimedia
  • Organizational communication
  • Speech communication
  • Technical/business communication
  • Theatre Arts

Students who choose to study Creative Writing as their area of concentration at St. Louis Community College get a well-rounded education. Along with courses specific to their major, they are required to take mathematics, physical education, as well as physical science, humanities, and social sciences courses. The Associate’s degree credits can be used toward a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, if the student wishes to continue his or her education.

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Examples of courses students who are pursuing an Associate’s degree in Communication Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing are required to take include the following:

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • College Algebra: Non-Tech Majors
  • College Algebra with Technology
  • College Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Poetry Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing Plays and Film Scripts

Applying to St. Louis Community College

St. Louis Community College has an open admissions policy, which means that students are not required to demonstrate a minimum level of academic achievement in order to be accepted to the school. Students admitted to the College are required to maintain a certain level of achievement in order to continue in their program.

Applications for admission are accepted on a rolling basis, and forms may be submitted electronically, by mail or facsimile transmission. They may also be delivered in person to any campus.

Once a student has been accepted into the College, he or she must take a computerized assessment test to determine the applicant’s academic skills and needs.

Proof of having satisfied any prerequisites for the program must be provided to the College before registration.

If any special approvals from the Department are needed, these must be obtained before registering for any courses at the College.


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