Jobs with Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft Game Studios was launched in 2002, and represents this company’s interactive entertainment division. It was started to coincide with the marketing of the popular Xbox gaming platform. Microsoft Game Studios is a video game publisher, and distributes titles developed in house, as well as ones acquired from third parties.

The company purchased Lionhead Studios in 2006. This move meant that Microsoft could acquire exclusive rights to popular video games for the Xbox, such as the "Fable" series. The company has offices in Redmond, WA, as well as Vancouver, Canada. It has also established a corporate presence in the United Kingdom.

Working at Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft is a company that values passion in its employees. It has an environment that encourages workers to make an impact, both on the job and in their communities.

The company offers a competitive pay and benefits plan, and encourages its workers to pursue their personal interests so that they have some balance in their lives. The basis for this policy is that a person who has a full, satisfying life will perform better when he or she is on the job.

Microsoft also offers over 2,000 courses to its employees, both online and in a classroom setting so they can continue to grow and develop professionally. 

Available Jobs at Microsoft Game Studios

The following job titles represent jobs that may be available at Microsoft Game Studios at any given time:

  • Art Director
  • Audio Production Director
  • Concept Artist
  • FX Artist
  • Game Designer
  • Gameplay Developer
  • Lighting Artist
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Video Editor

How to Get a Job at Microsoft Game Studios

Prospective Microsoft employees can search for available positions on the company’s Careers website. Clicking on specific job titles in the search results reveals a list of the duties associated with the position, along with the qualifications and skills the company is looking for. The individual can choose to apply for the job electronically or have a list of similar jobs forwarded to him or her by e-mail.


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