Playfish Jobs

Playfish is one of the leading companies in the social gaming industry. It has developed a number of award-winning games that are specifically designed for friends to play together. The company has installed over 200 million games to date, and they are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Popular titles offered by this company include:

  • Country Story
  • Hotel City
  • Pet Society
  • Restaurant City
  • Who Has the Biggest Brain?

Social games are different than traditional computer games. Rather than the user having to buy the game and then go online to try to find others who enjoy playing it to interact with, social games are played with people that the players have befriended on social networking sites. This type of gaming experience has proved to be very popular so far, and Playfish wants to be considered a leading company in this growing segment of the gaming industry.

Playfish, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is one of the largest social network gaming companies in the world. It currently has games that are enjoyed by millions of users on Google, MySpace and Facebook, as well as the iPhone and Android. The company currently has development studios in San Francisco, London, Beijing and Tromso (Norway).

Working at Playfish

Playfish is a company that is looking for job candidates who can demonstrate creativity and innovation in their work, as well as a high degree of technical ability. The corporate culture is a positive one, and projects are tackled with a team approach.

It would be a good fit for candidates who do well in a fast-paced environment. This company is looking to hire high-energy people who are bright and well-motivated who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and just get the job done.

Positions at Playfish

Examples of job titles that may be available at Playfish are as follows:

  • Architecture and Capacity Lead
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Game Artist
  • Game Developers
  • Javascript Engineer
  • Online Content Manager
  • Policy and Compliance Manager
  • Product Managers
  • Release Manager
  • Sr. QA Tester
  • Server Developer
  • Web Product Manager

How to Apply for a Job with Playfish

All open positions with the company are posted on the Playfish website. A job seeker who doesn’t see a title that he or she is interested in applying for can submit an application for consideration anyway. The company’s recruiters will review all resumes received.

To learn more about a particular position, a prospective employee can click on the job title. The primary responsibilities for the position and the key requirements are listed. Playfish accepts applications online.


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