Michigan Tech Audio Production Degrees

Michigan Tech is located in Houghton, MI. The Bachelor of Science program in Audio Production and Technology is an interesting mix of computer science, engineering technology and music and theater production. The program also includes the following elements:

  • Acoustics
  • Computer Applications
  • Electro-acoustics
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Operations

Students who are enrolled in this program get the opportunity to develop their skills by mixing films for clients, producing for local bands and designing sound systems. They also have the opportunity to use the 7.1 sound-for-picture mixing studio run by the Visual and Performing Arts Department. A small studio/band practice space with 24/7 access to the audio production studios is also available for students to use.

After completing the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production and Technology, graduates are well prepared for further study or the following types of jobs:

  • Audio Systems Installer
  • Audio Technician
  • Theater Technician

Applying to Michigan Tech

There is no fee to apply to Michigan Tech. Applications received by January 15 get priority consideration for admissions, as well as financial assistance (loans and scholarships).

High school seniors may apply for consideration in the fall of their senior year. If all the materials are submitted, a decision may be made within two or three weeks. Acceptance letters for the Audio Production and Technology program are mailed out starting in mid-November.

First year students are asked to submit American College Test (ACT) and/or Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores as well as their high school transcript with their application package. Michigan Tech will consider the courses taken in high school, as well as the applicant’s rank, if the latter information is available.

Along with a standard application form, all people applying for admission to Visual and Performing Arts programs must submit answers to two essay questions. Each response must be approximately 500 words (or one page) in length. As of December 2009, the two questions are as follows:

  • Discuss an experience that sparked your interest in this field.
  • What do you hope to do after college?

Along with the essay, applicants to the Bachelor’s degree program in Audio Production and Technology must also submit samples of their work. The Admissions Department will want to receive examples of audio recordings the prospective student has created. High-quality copies will be accepted, and the materials will be returned to the applicant.


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