Virginia Tech Music Technology Degrees

The Virginia Polytechnical Institute and University ("Virginia Tech") is located in Blacksburg, VA. The school was founded in 1872 and was originally known as "Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College." Now, Virginia Tech is home to approximately 30,000 full-time students. The student-faculty member ratio is 16:1.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Music Technology offered by Virginia Tech focuses on the artistic component of this form of expression. Students who choose to major in this area study music theory and techniques, as well as production as part of the curriculum.

To be accepted into the program, an applicant must attend an audition. The student is also required to continue his or her studies of instrumental music while attending Virginia Tech. As a result of this institution’s high standards, classes are small and students get the individual attention they need.


Examples of the types of courses a Music Technology major would take are as follows:

  • 20th Century Literature
  • Advanced Ear Training
  • Audio Technology for Music
  • Comp. Music and Multimedia
  • Early Music Literature
  • Intro. Vocal/Choral Arranging
  • Music and Media Production
  • Orchestration & Analysis
  • Sight Singing Lab
  • Styles Literacy Lab
  • Symphonic Literature
  • Theory/Harmony
  • Vocal Music Literature

Students at Virginia Tech also have the option of combining their major in Music with other areas of study offered by the school for a double major.

Audition Requirements

Music major applicants are encouraged to audition in person at the school. Dates for auditions are available from the Music Department website. Applicants who want to be considered for scholarships offered by the school must attend an audition on the dates set in January or February. An audition date is scheduled for March but candidates who perform on that day will be considered for admission only.

To request an audition, the applicant must formally apply for admission to Virginia Tech (by January 15). Along with the standard application package, a Prospective Music Major Application form and an Undergraduate Audition Request form must be submitted.

Two letters of recommendation must be submitted to the Auditions and Scholarship Committee at least two weeks before the date of the audition.

Prospective Music Technology students must also submit an essay outlining their involvement in music and their professional aspirations before they attend the audition.

Audition Requirements

Each applicant is given between 12-15 minutes for their audition. During that time, they are expected to sing or play three or four pieces. Virginia Tech has specific guidelines for the audition performances. For example, vocalists are asked to prepare three songs, one of which must be in either Italian, French or German.

The applicant will be singing a classical song or aria in English as well as one of these foreign languages. The remaining selection may be a song from a Broadway musical or another classical piece.

Audition guidelines are posted on the Music Department’s website for composers, instrumentalists, percussionists and pianists.


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