Edison State College AA Degree in Computer Science

Edison State College is located in southwest Florida. The school has campuses located in Fort Myers, Naples. Punta Gorda and LaBelle. The campus is a change from the school’s modest beginning. The first classes were held in a building that had previously been an elementary school.

In the summer of 1965, the first permanent campus buildings were constructed. By 1972, the original two structures were followed by three more. Edison State College also offers distance learning for people who want or need an alternative to traditional classroom instruction.

The Associate’s degree in Computer Programming and Analysis focuses on hands-on learning. Students enrolled in the program learn the skills they are likely to use on the job. It offers a good foundation in programming principles that qualify graduates for positions in businesses, industrial settings and government departments. A graduate from the Computer Programming and Analysis program can transfer his or her credits toward a Bachelor’s degree, if desired.


Students enrolled in the Associate’s degree program in Computer Programming and Analysis will take courses similar to the following:

  • Advanced COBOL Programming
  • Advanced Programming with C++
  • Advanced Visual Basic Programming
  • Computer Hardware-Software Maintenance
  • Computer Literacy
  • Data Structures
  • Database Applications
  • Database Programming
  • Database Programming Applications Disk Operating System
  • Electronic Spreadsheet Applications
  • GEO Information Systems
  • Internet Programming
  • Introduction to COBOL
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • LINUX Internet Servers
  • Microcomputer Skills
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • JAVA Programming
  • Programming C++
  • Serv-Side Programming
  • Web Page Design
  • Word Processing Applications

Applying to Edison State College

A person who is interested in being considered for an Associate’s degree program offered by Edison State College can fill out an online application form. Florida residents must fill out a Residency Documentation form and deliver it personally to the Admissions Office. An application fee is required.

Applying for financial aid is optional, but Edison State College recommends that all prospective students apply for assistance anyway. Visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website for more information and forms.

The next step in applying to Edison College is completing the Online Orientation.

Through this part of the process, the student finds out more about the application process, his or her rights and responsibilities, and the services available at Edison College.

An Assessment and Placement Test must be completed so that each student is put in the appropriate math and English class. His or her reading abilities are also tested. Depending on the test results, the prospective student may need to meet with an academic advisor.

Registering for classes is the next step in the process by logging into MyEducationPortal. Classes can be added or dropped by clicking on the “Student Academics” tab and following the instructions. The final step to getting into Edison State College is to pay the required fees. The due date appears on the student’s class schedule. Edison accepts payment by credit card through MyEducationPortal. Fees can also be paid in person by visiting the Cashier Office on campus.


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