Colorado State Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. This public university has approximately 25,000 full-time students in attendance. The school offers Bachelor’s degrees in 62 programs and Master’s degrees in 59 fields of study. A total of 38 Doctoral programs are offered, along with a professional degree in Veterinary Medicine.

The Computer Science Department at Colorado State offers an online Master’s degree program. This is a non-thesis program that is offered to students from anywhere in the world. The courses are open to anyone who wishes to take them, whether they have officially been admitted to the program or not. A person can take up to four courses before being admitted; once they have been accepted into the program they will receive credit for the work completed as long as a minimum grade of B- has been achieved.


To be admitted to this program, an applicant must have a background in one of the following areas to demonstrate to the Admissions Department that they are able to complete graduate-level work:

  • Computer organization
  • Data structures
  • Operating systems
  • Programming experience
  • Software engineering/Program design


The course list for the Master’s degree in Computer Science at Colorado State is as follows:

  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Security
  • Database Systems
  • Fault-Tolerant Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Networking and the Internet
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Operating Systems
  • Parallel Programming
  • Parallel Programming Processing
  • Software Product and Process Evaluation
  • Software Specification and Design

Registering for Distance Learning Courses at Colorado State University

All applicants must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree program from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all courses taken as an undergraduate. (A three-year Bachelor’s degree program obtained in a foreign country is not considered the equivalent of a four-year degree obtained from a U.S. university.) GRE scores must also be submitted as part of the application package.

The Admissions Department must receive all materials before considering an application.

Application forms for graduate school at the Colorado State University are available online. Along with the form, official transcripts are required. The applicant must also submit three letters of application. They should be submitted directly from the writer, in sealed envelopes.

The deadline for the fall semester is April 1. People who are interested in being considered for admission in the spring must submit their materials by September 1, and those who want to start with the summer session must apply by January 1.

It may take up to six weeks to receive a response after the application materials have been submitted. To follow up after applying for admission to graduate school, contact the Department directly. The University will issue an official acceptance or denial letter to advise the applicant of the decision.


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