Video Game Producer Jobs

A computer and video game producer has an interesting role in a production company. This person is charged with overseeing the game project from start to finish. When the game is a large one, they may be dealing with hundreds of people working on the project. Not only does the producer need to be able to understand the role that the team members play in taking the game from the concept stage to the point where it is ready to be offered to the public, but they must keep track of expenses so that the project can come in on budget.

In Focus: What a Video Game Producer Does

Many people who work as computer or video game producers started off in the industry working at entry-level jobs.

Their previous employment gave them a good base of knowledge about the steps involved in making new computer and video games.

The game producer must also take on a leadership role to make decisions about the project as it moves along.

The producer must also have a good knowledge about legal matters. They are involved in negotiating contracts and recruiting new team members. Setting up schedules for game testing and coordinating schedules with workers who are located in other countries is part of the computer and video game producer’s job duties as well.

Training and Education for Computer and Video Game Producers

A person who is interested in becoming a computer and video game producer would benefit from enrolling in a Business Administration program.

An undergraduate degree in this area will give the individual the educational background they need to understand the basics of how a business runs, project management and some basic legal concepts. All of these types of courses will help the computer and video game producer on the job.

Any experience that a prospective producer can get where they are responsible for supervising the work of others will also be helpful. Companies hiring people for production roles want to see that the producer can apply what they have learned in practical situations. He or she will also need to have excellent communication and organizational skills to perform well on the job.

Salary for Computer and Video Game Producers

A person working as a computer or video game producer in the United States earns an average of $62,000 per year. The amount they earn will depend on the area where they work and their level of experience.


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