Georgia Tech BS Degree in Computational Media

The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the leading research universities in the United States. Georgia Tech has been helping students reach their academic goals since October, 1888. Now, Georgia Tech has more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in classes, and a full-time faculty of over 900 people.

Georgia Tech’s Bachelor of Science program in Computational Media offers students an education that includes courses in computers, as well as visual design.

They also gain knowledge of the history of media as they work through the requirements for this degree. Graduates from this program are prepared for careers where they will be involved in developing new types of digital media, as well as the communication skills necessary to work well as part of a team.


Students enrolled in the Computational Media program at Georgia Tech will take courses similar to the following offerings:

  • Communication and Culture
  • Computational Journalism
  • Computational Photography
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Audio
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computing and Society
  • Computing for Engineers
  • Constructing Proofs
  • Constructing the Moving Image
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Digital Video Special Effects
  • Distributed Simulation Systems
  • Experimental Digital Art
  • Game AI
  • Game Design as a Cultural Practice
  • Handheld Augmented Reality Game Design
  • Information Visualization
  • Intelligent Story Systems
  • Interactive Narrative
  • Introduction to Computational Media
  • Introduction to Computing
  • Introduction to Film
  • Introduction to Media Computation
  • Introduction to Media Studies
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Performance Studies
  • Introduction to User Interface Software
  • Languages and Computation
  • Literature and Culture
  • Media Device Architectures
  • Mixed Reality Experience Design
  • Objects and Design
  • Principles of Information Design
  • Principles of Interaction Design
  • Scientific Data Processing and Visualization
  • Simulated and Military Gaming
  • Technology of Representation
  • Video Game Design and Programming
  • Visual Culture and Design

In Focus: Computational Media Degree Program

Applying to Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech accepts online applications. Prospective freshman students can submit their application materials by October 1 under the school’s Early Notification program to receive a decision by November 1. Individuals who would like to be considered for the President’s Scholarship Program must apply by November 1, and they will receive a decision by December 16. The deadline for applications submitted under the Regular Decision stream is January 15 and decisions are made by March 15.

The school requires all applicants to submit their high school transcripts. Once this information has been received, the Admissions Department recalculates the individual’s Grade Point Average (GPA) by considering their grades in the following core subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Foreign Language

Along with the recalculated GPA from high school, applicants must also submit either their SAT or ACT test results. Georgia Tech is also interested in learning about a prospective student’s extra-curricular involvement in high school. Extra-curricular activities include community involvement, volunteer work, clubs or participating on an athletic team.

People interested in being considered for admission as first-year students are also asked to write a personal essay. The purpose of providing this document is so that the school can evaluate the student’s writing style and to find out more about the applicant on a personal basis. Test and GPA results only tell a portion of the story.


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