Hocking Associate of Technical Study in Digital Game Design

Hocking College was founded in 1968, and is located in Nelsonville, OH. The school is a well-respected technical college that offers approximately 40 Associate’s degree programs. Its programs are geared toward those who want to get training that will prepare them for the types of activities they will be engaging in on the job.

Students who choose to enroll in the Digital Game Design program at Hocking College are well prepared for the following types of career choices:

  • Game designer
  • Game sound designer
  • Level designer
  • Producer/production personnel
  • Programmer
  • Quality assurance
  • Video game journalist
  • Writer

They get hands-on experience working with equipment and computer programs that are used by people working in the computer and video game industry. This program focuses mainly on design, but students also learn about the programming aspect of working on games as well.

In Focus: Hocking College Computer Programming Overview


The curriculum for this program includes courses in the following subjects:

  • Advanced Essay Skills
  • Art Appreciation
  • Comprehensive College Algebra
  • Computer Graphics
  • Design
  • Digital Foundations
  • Digital Imaging for Game Design
  • Drawing
  • Ethics in the Arts
  • Focus on Success
  • Freshman Composition
  • Game Design and Production
  • Game Design Portfolio Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Relations in Organizations
  • Introduction to Maya
  • Introduction to Visual Basic
  • Introduction to Web Page Design
  • Job Search for the Arts
  • Oil Painting
  • Physics
  • Program Analysis
  • Psychology
  • SociologySpeech for the Arts
  • The Creative Process
  • Three-D Graphics
  • Western Civilization and Culture

How to Apply to Hocking College

Hocking College has an open admissions policy. The school accepts students who have completed the requirements for a high school diploma, as well as those who hold a GED.

Hocking College also opens its doors to those who are interested in a technical education.

Application forms are available online; this version is an interactive one that is submitted to the school electronically. Prospective students can also print out a form to fill out and mail to Hocking. The school will also send out application forms by regular mail on request.

Students attending Hocking have the option of living on campus. Student housing was first made available in the fall of 2008. With its combination of affordable tuition and quality programs, Hocking College is a popular choice for students who want to prepare for careers in the computer and video game industry.


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