DeVry Degree in Game and Simulation Programming

DeVry University has been operating for over 75 years. This school’s approach to learning takes the approach that students should have a good foundation in theory as well as knowledge that they can apply on the job to ensure their success.

The Game and Simulation degree program gives students the tools they need to succeed in a number of employment applications. Not only do they study computer languages and the principles of visual design, but they also take courses to prepare them for careers in crime scene reconstruction or corporate training.

In Focus: Game and Simulation Programming Degree from DeVry University


The DeVry University degree program in Game and Simulation Programming may include the following courses:

  • Applied Development Project
  • Career Development
  • Connectivity with Lab
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • Data Structures and Artificial Intelligence with Lab
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Game Engine Design and Integration with Lab
  • Introduction to Game and Simulation Development
  • Logic and Design
  • Math for Game Programming
  • Modification and Level Design with Lab
  • Multimedia Programming with Lab
  • Object-Oriented Programming with Lab
  • Physics with Lab
  • Practical Game Design with Lab
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Programming with Lab
  • Programming for MMOG with Lab
  • Project Management
  • Simulation Design with Lab
  • Software Engineering for Game Programming with Lab
  • System Architecture and Assembler with Lab
  • Visual and Audio Design Fundamentals with Lab

Applying to DeVry University

Along with completing an application form (available online), a prospective DeVry University student must have an interview with an Admissions Advisor. All applicants to DeVry University must be at least 17 years of age at the time they submit their materials for consideration.

A high school diploma, GED or post-secondary degree is also required when applying to DeVry University. Each student accepted into a program at the school is required to submit an official transcript, including the Grade Point Average (GPA) and date of graduation by the end of first semester.

The minimum requirements for attending DeVry University are successfully completing the requirements for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an approved educational institution.

Applicants who can demonstrate they have achieved a minimum of a 2.7 GPA in college-level work at an approved institution will be considered.

Prospective students applying directly from high school must rank in the top 50 percent of their class or have a GPA of 2.7 or higher by their junior year to be considered by DeVry. The applicant must also have achieved a grade of B or above in a high-school math course (Algebra I or above).

SAT or ACT scores must be submitted with the application materials. DeVry University may also require the applicant to write placement exams, and the individual must achieve an acceptable level to be accepted into a program at the school.


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