USC Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Media

The University of Southern California (USC) welcomed its first class of 53 students in 1880. This private research university has the distinction of being the oldest educational institution of its kind in the western portion of the United States.

Enrollment at the University of South California is approximately 35,000 students.

About 17,000 of those taking courses at USC were undergraduates, while the remaining 18,000 enrollees were in graduate school or taking professional courses.

Out of 35,753 freshman applicants, USC admitted 8,724, which is a 24 percent acceptance rate.

The University of Southern California offers a major in Interactive Entertainment that includes liberal arts courses, as well as ones designed to give students the education they need for careers involving computer and video game design, as well as more traditional media. The University also offers a minor in Video Game Design and Management with a combination of theory and hands-on training for students.


Students enrolled in the Interactive Media major are required to take courses similar to the following:

  • 3D Animation and Character Design
  • Advanced Game Development
  • Advanced Visual Design for Games
  • Anatomy of a Game
  • Business and Management of Games
  • Character Development and Storytelling For Games
  • Cinematic Communication
  • Critical Theory and Analysis of Games
  • Culture, Technology and Communications
  • Data Structures
  • Design and Technology for Mobile Experiences
  • Designing Online Multiplayer Game Environments
  • Experimental Game Topics
  • Fundamentals of Animation
  • Fundamentals of Cinema Technique
  • Fundamentals of Computer Programming
  • Game Studies Seminar
  • Interface Design for Games
  • Intermediate Game Design Workshop
  • Intermediate Game Development
  • Introduction to Cinema
  • Introduction to Computer Animation
  • Introduction to Interactive Entertainment
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Programming for Interactive Media Data Structures
  • Sound Design for Games
  • Usability Testing for Games

In Focus: The USC Interactive Media Program

Applying to the University of Southern California

USC doesn’t have a cut-off for test scores, class rankings or grades when it comes to evaluating applicants for undergraduate programs. Instead, the Admissions Department considers all of these elements together. Each person who applies is considered on his or her individual merits.

The school accepts online and paper application forms. USC doesn’t have early decision or early action streams for applicants. Prospective students who would like to be considered for scholarships are required to submit their application materials by December 1. All other freshman candidates must forward their application package by January 10.


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