Champlain Bachelor’s of Science in Game Programming

Champlain College is a private school located in Burlington, Vermont. It is different from other post-secondary institutions, since students can start taking courses in their major in their freshman year (the "Upside-Down Curriculum").

This is a smaller college, with 2,000 full-time undergraduate students enrolled in classes. The average class size at Champlain is 22 students.

Female students make up 39 percent of the student body; 61 percent of students are male.

Choosing to study Game Programming at Champlain College opens up a number of career options for graduates.

Not only can they look for work in the computer and video game industry, but they are also well prepared for opportunities in any area requiring simulation software. Jobs in health care, the military or the aviation industries are all possibilities.

This program is a good choice for students who are experienced game players who have an aptitude for the programming side of things. The ability to look at problems in a logical manner and good math skills are essential for success in the Game Programming major.


Courses offered to Game Programming students include the following:

  • Aesthetic Expressions
  • Applied Calculus
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • C++ Programming
  • Capitalism and Democracy
  • Computer Systems for Software Engineering
  • Concepts of Community
  • Concepts of the Self
  • Console Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Future Shock: Globalization and Technology
  • Game Architecture
  • Game History and Development
  • Game Production
  • Game Technology
  • Games Physics
  • Global Dimensions of Human Rights
  • Introduction to Computer Theory
  • Introduction to Networking and Security
  • Linux/Linux Programming
  • Math for 3D Graphics
  • Networking for Online Games
  • Operating Systems Architecture
  • Physics
  • Rhetoric
  • Scientific Revolution
  • The Secular and the Sacred

In Focus: Game Programming Achievements at Champlain

Applying to Champlain College

People who choose to submit a Common Application to Champlain College are not required to pay an application fee. Individuals who choose this method are encouraged to check with the school to ensure that it was received. The College also accepts applications by regular mail or facsimile transmission.

Along with a completed application form, prospective Champlain College students are required to submit the following for consideration:

  • Recommendations from a high school counselor or teacher (2)
  • Official high school transcript

Champlain College offers an Early Decision option to prospective students. Not only do applicants receive a decision within 30 days, but an acceptance means they are committed to going to Champlain. For those people who have already decided that this school is their first choice, materials should be submitted by either November 15 or January 15. The deadline for a Regular Decision is January 31.


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