Rochester Institute of Technology MS in Game Design & Development

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a highly-respected institute of higher learning located in New York State. This private school was founded in 1829. RIT has over 16,700 students enrolled in its various programs. Undergraduates numbered 16,773, while 2,728 were working toward graduate degrees.

The Master of Science in Game Design and Development program offers students a combination of that will build on their existing knowledge of computer science, while preparing them for careers in the computer and video game industry. It’s also a good choice for those who are interested in preparing for future employment in the edutainment, simulation or visualization fields.

This program runs for two years, and prospective students are required to submit a portfolio of work during the application process. One of the features of the Master’s program in Game Design and Development is that students have the opportunity to work in teams on a working game engine and a software title. When the capstone project has been completed, the students’ work is defended privately in front of faculty members as well as shown publicly.


Students who are enrolled in the Game Design and Development program take the following types of courses:

  • 2D Graphics Programming
  • 3D Graphics Programming
  • Advanced AI: Evolutionary Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Environments
  • Building Online Communities
  • Business and Legal Aspects of Game Development
  • Character Design
  • Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques
  • Computer Graphics
  • Data Object Development
  • Development Processes in the Games Industry
  • Emerging Themes in Entertainment Technology
  • Foundations of Database Client/Server Connectivity
  • Foundations of Human Computer Interaction
  • Fundamentals of DBMS Architecture and Implementation
  • Game Design
  • Game Engine Design and Development
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • History and Critical Analysis of Computer Games and Interactive Entertainment
  • Interactive Motion
  • Interactive Narrative
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Lighting
  • Neural Networks and Machine Learning
  • Online Identity, Social and Community Behavior
  • Production Pipeline
  • Rendering
  • Shading
  • Topics in Artificial Intelligence
  • Usability Engineering
  • Usability Testing

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Getting Admitted to the Rochester Institute of Technology

To be considered, an applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree program with a minimum GPA of 3.25 in one of the these areas of study:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering

RIT accepts applications for graduate studies online or on paper. Once the application and the applicable fee has been paid, the prospective student can change or update his or her information or check on the status of the application online. Decisions about whether to offer admission to a program are made by the college of computing and information sciences.


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