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A level designer in the computer and video game field is a person who is responsible for creating different levels and challenges for players. Once a level designer is assigned to a project, he or she will probably work on the same level from the design stage through to completion.

Modern computer and video games may have several levels. Each level must be planned in detail, as well as modeled so that the environment is laid out in detail. The level designer is also responsible for adding characters as part of his or her duties.

A level designer is given a design document to work from that explains the general concept of the game and is a blueprint for the kind of experience the player is going to have while using it. The level designer also gets information from the 3D artists, who provide the graphics to be used in the game.

A number of people who work as level designers got their start by taking an existing game they enjoy and making their own modifications to it.

If you think this is the type of work you would like to pursue, look for computer games that come with tools and editors that allow the user to make changes. Once you are happy with the updates you have made, you can upload your version to the Internet to share your “mods” with other users.

Education and Training for Level Designers

People who are interested in becoming level designers can get the training they need by taking a video game-level designer course. Many employers will hire a person with the skills needed to do the job, but some prefer to take on a graduate holding a certificate or a degree.

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A level design course includes courses that cover several aspects of games, including planning, programming, designing, and testing. Attending a course also gives students the opportunity to develop their communication skills, which is an important part of working in the field. People who work in the computer and video game industry need to perform well as part of a team to see a project through to completion.

Not only will you be able to demonstrate to a potential employer that you can stick to something and see it through to the end, but you will have a portfolio of samples to show them what you can do by the time you have finished your training.

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Salary for Level Designers

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a level designer is approximately $66,650 per year. With a salary range of $46,000 to over $96,000. Actual rates of pay will depend on the job location, the employer, and the level of experience the level designer has.


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