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Computer and video games need people to write story lines for them. A love of computer and video games is an asset, since the writer needs to understand the genre before getting started. Depending on the type of game involved, the writer may need to write a general outline for the characters indicating who they are and the types of challenges they will face.

Writers hired to work in the computer and video game industry may also be asked to write dialogue for games. In the case of a role-playing game, the writing will be more complicated, since the character must respond when another player asks them a question.

There are other opportunities for writers in the computer and video game industry as well. Each game that is released needs to have a manual written for players to follow.

If the game is going to be offered in a number of languages, a writer will need to be hired to translate text.

Writing your own stories, especially in the science fiction genre, is a good way to develop your storytelling abilities. Some people who are looking to break into the industry to get a writing job start off working as designers or game testers to get some practical experience while they are honing their writing skills.

A person who wants to work as a fiction writer or screenwriter in the computer and video game industry needs to develop the ability to think about the stories they are telling in a non-linear manner. Rather than plotting out a story or a novel that has a set plot line with a beginning, middle, and an end, the computer or video game writer must be able to devise challenging puzzles and plot twists for the player to become involved with. The writer must also be conscious of the resources they have available for a particular game. The artwork budget and technology available have a bearing on the amount of detail a game’s plot can have.

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Training and Education for a Fiction Writer/Screenwriter

Obtaining a writing degree can be helpful for a person who wants to work in the computer and video game industry. Along with a good background in grammar and composition, students learn about different forms of writing. They also get exposure to the principles of story development, plot, writing for the Internet, and editing.

Salary Range

The average pay for a writer working in the computer and video game industry is $46,000.


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