Texture Artist Jobs

A concept artist provides an overview for other team members working on a computer or video game project to work from. The texture artist on a computer or video game project performs a very different type of function. He or she adds interest to the game environment by using artistic techniques to create surfaces.

When you consider that the surfaces will include the setting, the environmental conditions that form part of the game, the objects that the player can see and the characters will use, and the characters themselves, the texture artist has a lot to do. Any dimensions they add to the game must fit in with the overall theme, as well as make logical sense (at least within the world that the game is depicting). The details that make the game memorable fall into the domain of the texture artist.

In Focus: Using Maya to Apply 3D Textures

The texture artist uses software like Photoshop to work their own form of magic on the game. These team members work in conjunction with the 3D background artist in their work. The person who chooses to do this type of work is also well versed in other techniques to create interest in their work. These include painting by hand, manipulating photographs, flattening 3D models, and bump mapping. These techniques can’t affect game running time, so the texture artist and the 3D modelers work closely together to make sure that the overall effects don’t make for a sluggish game experience.

Texture Artist Training and Education

Employers looking to hire texture artists will consider a candidate who has graduated from a two-year art program. A game artist diploma program will also give a future texture artist the skills they need to do this type of work.

Some students prefer to get the training they need by taking an online course, as opposed to attending classes in a specific location. This is a good choice for a person who wants to gain employment skills while holding down an existing job. They can do the course work from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Whether the student chooses a brick and mortar school or an online course, they will be taking courses in drawing, mapping for 3D applications, and designing interior spaces. Other courses in the program will teach the students about color theory, low polygon animation and animation, and scripting and lighting techniques. All of these courses will help them to develop a portfolio that they can show to a prospective employer. Each artist has his or her own unique style to bring to the table, and their samples should reflect that fact.

Pay Information for Texture Artists

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a texture artist in the United States is approximately $66,000. Here is additional salary information:


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